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Proposed Amendment to Trinity Crossing Outline Plan

Laebon Developments is proposing an amendment to the Trinity Crossing Outline Plan. Comments on the proposed amendment are welcome!

An outline plan is a detailed layout for an area that is expected to subdivide and develop in the coming years. It provides information about future land uses, the density of development, future parks spaces, road patterns and required infrastructure.

The area that is included in the Trinity Crossing Outline Plan is shown in the drawing below. It is east of C&E Trail and north of Terrace Heights Drive.

Location of Amendment

The primary change compared to the existing Trinity Crossing Outline Plan is the addition of a second apartment site. This site would be designated R6 under the City’s Land Use Bylaw. The location of the second apartment site is marked with red dashed line on the drawing above.

A comparison of the existing land use concept and the proposed land use concept for the location of apartment site is shown below:

Existing Concept

Current Concept Opens in new window

Propose Concept

Proposed Concept Opens in new window

Where do I get more information?

A copy of the proposed Trinity Crossing Outline Plan may be viewed online.

A brief video providing an overview of the proposed amendment may be viewed online.

How do I get involved?

Due to Covid-19 limitations, public review and comment on the proposed amendment to the Trinity Crossing Outline Plan is being conducted online.

Any person or group wishing to express their views on the proposed amendment may send in comments in the following ways:

  1. Emailing comments to no later than 4:30 pm on Friday, August 21, 2020
  2. Contacting Craig Teal, PCPS at 403-343-3394

All written submissions will be submitted to City Council prior to a decision being made on the proposed amendment.