Open Houses

Conversation at an Open HouseAn open house is a traditional method for a group or organization to inform the public about a project and to get feedback on how the project can be improved. The City hosts open houses throughout the year to gain feedback on a variety of projects and issues that are important to a community.

When a developer is preparing or amending an Outline Plan or Area Structure Plan, they are required to host an open house to gain insight into the issues and themes that impact the public. This provides property owners with the opportunity to learn about a proposed development and to provide their feedback on the project. This feedback is used by City of Lacombe administration to assess the proposed development and to direct changes to the Plan.

Hosting an Open House

The Hosting an Open House (PDF) is a document that provides information to developers to help them design an open house. The document includes information such as:

  • Examples of an open house newspaper advertisement and an open house survey
  • Responsibilities of the developer
  • Responsibilities of the planning and development staff
  • Tips on having a successful open house
  • When an open house is required