How to Create an Outline Plan

An outline plan is a blueprint for development. It provides a detailed description of what a piece of land will look like when it has been fully developed including land uses, open space networks, treatment of environmentally sensitive lands, and park space. An outline plan also establishes the framework for infrastructure requirements including the road network, the servicing of the development, and ensuring the development will align with City plans, policies, and standards.

An outline plan is traditionally created by the developer of the lands as a detailed proposal and framework for the development. The outline plan must align with the City’s statutory plans including the Municipal Development Plan and any Area Structure Plan in place for the area. Once an outline plan has been adopted by Council, it enables the developer to move forward with subdivision, rezoning, and ultimately the development of the land.

Outline Plan Checklist

The Outline Plan Checklist (PDF) is a checklist that features the basic requirements for preparing an outline plan. This checklist should be used as a starting point for developing an outline plan. Additional information may be requested by City administration upon review of the documents.