Subdivision approval is required when dividing a single parcel of land into two or more parcels. Each parcel is given a separate title that can be registered at Land Titles Office (LTO) in Edmonton.

The Subdivision Process Chart (PDF) outlines the subdivision process. It is intended to complement the information in the Municipal Government Act (MGA) and the Subdivision and Development Regulations. These two pieces of legislation specify the roles and responsibilities of the City when receiving and deciding on subdivision applications.

Applying for Subdivision

  1. Before submitting a formal application, contact our office at 403-782-1264 to discuss your proposed subdivision. There may be other processes such as a re-designation of land involved or they may advise you of existing land use plans or policies that may affect your application. Administration receives and processes the applications and determines compliance with the City’s land use plans and the Land Use Bylaw.
  2. Once a subdivision application is received, deemed complete, and has been referred and reviewed, staff will provide a recommendation to the Subdivision Approving Authority (either the Municipal Planning Commission or the Chief Administrative Officer) prior to issuing a decision. Subdivision applications are not considered by Council. All decisions are subject to appeal through the Subdivision and Appeal Board. 
  3. As part of the subdivision approval, the landowner/developer may be required to enter into a development agreement with the City to address responsibilities for paying/constructing roads, trails, infrastructure extensions, and other areas of responsibility as required. 
  4. Applications to rezone land running in parallel with proposed subdivisions will not receive third reading until the application for subdivision is endorsed and a development agreement is signed.