Financial Incentives

Grants are available to property owners of Municipally Designated Historic Resources through the Heritage Resources Grant Program, which is administered by the Heritage Resources Committee in accordance with Bylaw 397 schedules B and C.

Currently, owners of registered Municipal Historic Resources can apply to the HRC annually for a maximum matching grant of $5,000. Grant applications open on January 1st of each year and are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis to eligible work. All work must be completed by year-end with copies of receipts and photographic proof of work completed provided to the HRC before full grant monies are released.

Heritage Resources Grant Program Qualification

To qualify for this incentive, the following conditions must be met:

  1. The building, structure, and landscape, must be listed on the Register of Historic Resources in Lacombe and therefore be designated as a Municipal Historic Resource by Bylaw.
  2. A complete application must be forwarded to the HRC for approval prior to work being started.
  3. The proposed work should conform to the Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada.

Eligible Work

Incentives are primarily provided for Character Defining Elements as defined in the Resource’s Statement of Significance. These elements are typically on the exterior of buildings, but interior elements may be listed and therefore eligible. Various kinds of work are therefore may be covered including:

  • Exterior restoration and repairs, including necessary replacement of missing historical elements of the building’s Character Defining Elements.
  • Exterior cleaning, preparation, and painting.
  • Repair and selective replacements in kind of windows, storm windows, and doors.
  • Porch repair and woodwork with selective replacements in kind.
  • Limited structural work such as roofs, chimneys, and foundations if work contributes to the overall historic character and preservation of the resource.

Ineligible Work

Examples of work not covered by the program include:

  • Interior demolition
  • Administrative charges, permits, and legal fees
  • Operating or regular maintenance costs
  • Tenant improvements unless improvements involve the repair or restoration of character-defining elements
  • New construction or reconstruction unless construction is demonstrated to be an accurate restoration of character-defining elements
  • Installation of modern building services such as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems and electrical or plumbing services upgrading to meet code
  • Utility services and installation costs
  • Installation of new services or amenities such as handicap access, elevators, washroom, or security and fire alarm systems.

Apply for the Heritage Resource Grant Program

if you are interested in applying for the Heritage Resource Grant Program please download the form linked below and return to the Planning Department or send it via email to

Other Funding Sources

Additional granting opportunities may be available through the Province of Alberta, and those interested in pursuing such a route should consult the Province’s website for Historic Resources Conservation Grants for full details on eligibility and how to apply. As of May 2022, owners of designated Municipal Historic Resources can apply for preservation, rehabilitation, or restoration work to a maximum matching grant of $50,000