Utility Rates and Fees

Residential Rates

W01Water consumption fee$2.83
W15Water basic fee per month$30.80
S15Wastewater Basic fee per month$23.06
S11Wastewater Usage fee per month$3.05
G01Solid Waste - Residential$35.51
G03 + G04Solid Waste - Apartment & Condo per month$22.33
G06Solid Waste - Modular Home Park per month$27.39

Commercial Rates

W03Water consumption fee$2.83
W16Water basic fee per month$30.80
S16Wastewater Basic fee per month$23.06
S13Wastewater Usage fee$3.05
G02Solid Waste bi-weekly pickup$65.30
G02Solid Waste weekly pickup$130.60
EXGExtra Garbage pickup$65.30
C02Cardboard bi-weekly pickup$59.70
C02Cardboard weekly pickup$119.39
EXCBExtra Cardboard pickup$59.70
W88Bulk Water station consumption$5.43
W10Un-metered Water for Building Construction$53.80
H07Hydrants Inspection monthly fee$4.40
SC APService Agreement Application$38.11

Please note utility bills are based on the following:

  • Monthly basic fees of $89.37
  • $5.88/m in total