Council Policies

Policy Title


Policy Number


Art Development Policy 2020 (PDF)
To fund and manage Public Art within Lacombe78.212.01.19
Annual Budget and Taxation Policy (PDF)Principles for the preparation of annual budgets, business plans, and property taxation levies13.210.03.18
Appointment of Volunteers to Commissions, Boards, and Committees (PDF)
To guide Council and Administration regarding the process for recruitment and review of applications submitted by citizens who wish to be considered for volunteer positions on Commissions, Boards, and Committees (CBC) established by Lacombe City Council.
Asset Management Policy (PDF)Principles for the City's High-level approach to asset management. Attachment
Attendance & Leave Policy (PDF)Ensure compliance with the Federal and Provincial legislation and consistency with the health and welfare benefit contracts14.125.01.20
Attraction, Selection, Promotion and Retention Policy (PDF)Establishes the attraction, selection, promotion and retention policy for employees14.127.01.20
Ball Diamond, Soccer Field Booking Policy (PDF)
Booking arrangements with Lacombe's Recreation Services.
Ball Diamond, Soccer Field booking Policy Commercial (PDF)
Commercial use of the ball diamonds and soccer fields.
Birthplace Forest Policy (PDF)
Funding requirements and procedures for trees planted in the Birth Place Forest.
Business Travel Expense Policy (PDF)Establish guidelines and to ensure consistency and accountability for the reimbursement of expenses incurred by City of Lacombe Council members, employees, members of Lacombe Police Services, and approved Committee volunteers.
Citizen Request Response (PDF)City's resolution process regarding requests to address inquiries or complaints raised by the public11.152.01.17
Classification of User Groups (PDF)
Defines the various user groups as it pertains to any of Lacombe's recreation facilities.
Community Builder Partnership Policy (PDF)Council to work with organizations for the development of community growth.
Council Remuneration and Expenses Policy (PDF)To set the standards and levels of remuneration for services performed and expenses incurred during the performance of duties as a member of Council.
Corporate Identity Policy (PDF)To ensure the appropriate use of the unique identifiers that comprise brand identity for the City of Lacombe, the Lacombe Police Service, and City departments.12.017.01 21
Compensation Policy (PDF)Establishes the City of Lacombe's Policy regarding staff compensation14.123.01.18
Cellular Telephone Wireless Communication Device Policy (PDF)Provide direction with respect to the administration, acquisition and appropriate use of communication devices, cellular telephones, and smartphones that is purchased by the City of Lacombe for use by City employees.
Civic Addressing Policy (PDF)Establish a civic addressing system that ensures the implementation of civic address and roadway names is undertaken in a consistent manner within the municipality.
Debt Management Fiscal Policy (PDF)Guidelines and controls for the issuance and use of new debt and to ensure the responsible management of the City's financial resources13.201.02.12
Economic and Community Development Policy (PDF)Leadership participation in economic and community development
Emergency Management Plan (PDF)Provide a prompt and coordinated response to emergencies affecting the municipality within the geographical boundaries of Lacombe24.210.03.13
Employee Benefits Wellness Recognition Policy (PDF)Defines employee status, outlines benefits offerings, eligibility criteria, participation requirements and cost share arrangements as well as outlines wellness and recognition initiatives for City employees14.124.01.20
Employee Code of Ethics & Conduct Policy (PDF)Establishes the Employee Code of Ethics and Conduct for employees of the City of Lacombe14.126.01.18
Facility Fees Fundraising Events (PDF)
Facility fees for fundraising events.
Financial Reserves Policy (PDF)To establish, maintain and manage Reserve Funds that maintain and improve working capital requirements, support the long-term capital plan, and provide stabilization for fluctuations in operating and capital activities.
Funding Requests for Reduction or Elimination of Facility Rental Charges (PDF)
A small source of funds to assist in situations where the costs of the City's facilities are a financial burden to a group or organization.
Governance Document Framework Policy (PDF)
To establish the framework for Governance Documents at the City of Lacombe.
Hours of Work Policy (PDF)Establish the City of Lacombe's Policy on Hours of Work.
Integrated Pest Management (PDF)
Use of pesticides on City property.
Investment Policy (PDF)
Establish objectives and limits for investments of funds held by the City13.810.01.15
iPad Tablet Usage Policy (PDF)Standards for tablet usage by City staff and Council15.737.01.13


Lacombe Memorial Centre Deposit and Payment Policy (PDF)
Operation and maintenance of the Lacombe Memorial Centre (LMC) is beneficial to the patrons and the community as a whole.
Local Improvement Tax Policy (PDF)Guidelines for identifying, initiating, assessing, and funding local infrastructure improvements13.423.01.20
Land Sales Policy (PDF)Provide direction on the development, marketing and sale of City owned industrial zoned land69.201.01.14
Major Events Policy (PDF)Guidelines to be followed by the public and staff when organizing and holding events on City owned Parks, Open areas and City controlled streets26.201.01.12
Michener Park Batting Cage and Storage Building (PDF)
Construction of the storage building and batting cages.
Michener Park Group Camping (PDF)
Group camping policy including rates, fees and park operations.
Michener Park Pond Area Group Day Use Policy (PDF)
Group day use available to a group with more than 15 people.
Michener Recreation Area Building Storage (PDF)
The Lacombe Minor Soccer Association be entitled to use the designated storage area for the next 20 years rent free on certain conditions.
Michener Recreation Area Concession Policy (PDF)
Use of the concession area for the purposes of providing food and/or beverage services.
Naming of Parks and Playgrounds (PDF)
Naming guidelines for each of the parks and playgrounds.
Naming of Streets, Areas, & Public Facilities (PDF)Guidelines for use in naming streets, areas, and public facilities
Operation of Beer Garden Concession (PDF)
Operation of beer garden concession.
Outsourcing for Not for Profit Organizations (PDF)
Not-for-profit organizations' projects review and consideration for outsourcing.
Proclamation (PDF)Council resolves to decline to support all groups, individuals and causes in proclamation form11.115.01 23
Public Complaints (PDF)Complaints procedures and process for City staff26.201.01.10
Public Participation (PDF)Guidelines to ensure public participation processes and activities are consistent and strategic while following applicable legislation11.211.01.24
Planning & Development Fee Schedule Policy (PDF)
Establish the fee schedule for all services undertaken by the Planning and Development Department66.210.01.15
Pond Area Group Camping Policy (PDF)
Michener Park Pond group camping.
Public Consultation Policy (PDF)To increase public involvement in planning and development decisions
Procurement Policy (PDF)To establish the basic direction, philosophies, and values for the procurement of goods and services for use by the City13.211.01 21

Recreational Use of Storm Water Ponds (PDF)
To provide restricted recreational use of specific City of Lacombe stormwater ponds (SWPs) to the public in all seasons of the year.  75.741.01.20
Residential Sewer Service Replacement Policy (PDF)
Residential wastewater service line replacements due to root intrusion or collapse of a sanitary line between the house and the sewer main on private or public property.
Role, Projects and Policy Initiatives for Recreation and Culture Board (PDF)
Role, projects and policy initiatives for recreation and culture board.
Respectful Workplace Policy (PDF)Establish the standards of behavior, prevention measures and process for employees to report behaviors that are inconsistent with those standards and negatively impact the workplace12.126.02.20
Service Level Agreement Scope of Practice (PDF)Guidelines for the service levels and scope of practice for the Lacombe Fire Department for responding to fires and rescue events with the City23.210.LFD-100.4.17
Snow Clearing Policy (PDF)
General snow removal guidelines.
Special Forces Pension Policy (PDF)To provide the parameters of eligibility to participate in the Special Forces Pension Plan(“SFPP”) and outline other factors impacting an employee’s participation in the plan based on the Plan regulations.
Staff Training & Development Policy (PDF)Establishes the Staff Training & Development Policy,  resourcing and opportunities for staff training and development14.161.01.17
Tangible Capital Assets Policy (PDF)Provide direction on recognizing, recording, valuing and reporting on Tangible Capital Assets (TCA's)
Telecommunication Antenna Systems Siting Protocols (PDF)The purpose of the Telecommunication Antenna System Siting Protocols is to establish procedural standards that will allow the City of Lacombe to effectively participate in and influence the placement of telecommunication antenna structures proposed with the City61.210.76.13