Unidirectional Flushing

Unidirectional Flush coming to Lacombe neighbourhoods

The City of Lacombe would like to inform residents of an upcoming unidirectional water main flush in the:             

  • 51 ave south, from 58 st to C&E trail        
  • South of Hwy 12 between 63 st and 45 st              
  • MacKenzie Ranch area   
  • Iron Wolf area

This operation is being conducted to maintain system quality.

The flushing will create an increased flow rate through the line, which cleans the inner walls of the pipe – removing naturally-occurring scale and sediment. The flow is then discharged through select fire hydrants.  This may cause lower than normal system pressure for short periods of time.

Residents are encouraged not use water in their homes while the process is being carried out. It is recommended by City staff that those affected consider collecting water in advance for drinking, cooking and other human consumption.  Signs will be placed in the area by city staff before flushing begins.

If water appears dirty after the designated flushing period, residents should:

  • Run a cold water tap closest to your meter (usually found in the basement or a first-floor sink) for up to 15 minutes.
  • Keep the tap open until the water runs clear. Should you have trouble seeing if the water is clear, fill a light or white-coloured cup or container to view the water. If the water coming from the tap is not clear after running for 15 minutes, wait 15-30 minutes and try again.
  • Do not run a tap that has a water filter connected to it, or the sediment may clog your filter.
  • Avoid running a hot water tap as it may draw sediment into your hot water tank.

The City of Lacombe would like to emphasize to residents that discolored water itself does not pose a health hazard. Residents may occasionally experience discoloration due to varying rates and directions of flow in the water system; running your faucet will typically rectify the issue.

Documents and Resources

For more information contact Infrastructure services at:403-782-1261.