Memorial Tree Program

The City of Lacombe has developed a Tree Memorial Program with the first planting beginning in the Spring of 2001. A variety of trees are available and have been listed below for your convenience. The City's nursery, located just northeast of Wolf Creek Industrial Park, (marked in orange on the attached map) has been well marked to identify the many rows of trees should you be unfamiliar with the appearance of some varieties and wish to visit the nursery.

Trees may be purchased by individuals who wish to donate a tree to the City in memory of someone who has died. In this case a certificate will be issued to the bereaved noting the donor’s name and the name of the deceased. All donors will be issued a receipt for income tax purposes. Our Tree Memorial Program has been linked to our Park Bench Memorial Program in that trees donated to the City will be placed around the memorial benches so they will complement each other.

Pricing and Tree Options

Trees are $150.00 for a 10-gallon pot and include the following varieties:

  • Blue Spruce 
  • White Spruce 
  • Elm 
  • Paper Birch 
  • Northwest Poplar 
  • Green Ash 
  • Schuberd Cherry 
  • Amur Cherry 
  • Nan King Cherry* 
  • Russian Mountain Ash
  •  Laurel Leaf Willow 
  • Thunderchild (ornamental)

* Nan King Cherry is the only tree that does not grow higher than 8 feet.

Application Information

Application forms are available online, Memorial Tree Program Application Form (PDF), or at the Gary Moe Auto Group Sportsplex, 5429 – 53 Street, Lacombe. 

For further information, contact Tracey Verhoeven at 403-782-1284.