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  1. What is DARP
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  4. Guiding Principles

The Lacombe Downtown Area Redevelopment Plan (DARP) guides land use and development decisions within the downtown boundary. In response to the steady growth and redevelopment pressure facing the downtown, the City initiated the preparation of a new DARP in 2011, which was adopted in 2013.

DARP is the result of working with those most affected by the plan - more specifically, residents and business owners in Lacombe, especially those in the DARP area. 

For additional information about DARP please refer to the following documents:

The boundaries of DARP are:

  • 56th Avenue to the north
  • 45th Street to the east and Highway 2A to the southeast
  • Research Centre lands to the south
  • 58th Street to the west
DARP Area smallDARP Area Map 2