Birthplace Forest

The City of Lacombe initiated a Birthplace Forest Program in 2007, which is seeing the transformation of a portion of Lincoln Park on Woodlands Drive into a commemorative urban forest. By planting a tree in your community, the Birthplace Forest will honor both your baby and our environment.  

Growing Together  

All Birthplace Forest trees will be accessible for everyone to enjoy. The Birthplace Forest celebrations will take place once a year, and all registrants will be sent an invitation to attend the fun-filled event. See your child’s name engraved on a permanently installed commemorative plaque that will include the names of all children who have had a tree planted in their honor in the previous 12 months.   

Register Your Child Today  

For a fee of $75 you may register your newborn or grandchild for the Birthplace Forest Program.   

$60 of your purchase will be used towards purchasing and planting trees for the Birthplace Forest, the remaining $15 will be used towards the engraving of your child’s name on a plaque and the celebration each spring.  To be eligible to apply you can be a parent, grandparent or friend, it doesn’t matter.  If you want to recognize that baby in our forest, it would be our pleasure to honor your request. For more information please contact Tracey Verhoeven at 403782-1284 or

To apply please download, and fill out the Birthplace Forest Application Form (PDF). The applications can be submitted to