Will designation lead to my home insurance increasing?

The short answer is, no, it shouldn’t. That said, heritage groups across Canada have found that insurance providers have many misunderstandings about what designation means, particularly as different levels of designation (ie municipal vs provincial) involve different processes. Two large assumptions from insurers are that replacement must involve exact materials with which elements were originally built (often assuming high costs and specialty contractors) and that in the unfortunate case of destruction 100% replacement is required.  At this time, the insurance industry is undergoing surveys and research that are expected to streamline the understanding of insurance implications.    At the Municipal level, the HRC expects work of any kind to adhere to guidelines outlined in the Standards & guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada. We encourage owners of designated properties to contact us about any concerns as our primary goal is to ensure the long life of Lacombe’s historic places.

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3. Will designation lead to my home insurance increasing?