Community Standards Bylaw - Key Points

Residents are responsible for taking care of their property, if you notice a property that is not abiding by the following standards, please let our Bylaw Officers know. Our officers operate on a complaint-based system but will proactively follow up with egregiously unsightly properties.

  • Grass is to be cut before it exceeds eight (8) inches in length;
  • Destroy, control, and prevent the spread or scattering of Prohibited Noxious Weeds;
  • Accumulations of rubbish or garbage are not permitted;
  • Residents are allowed one dilapidated vehicle on their property as long as that vehicle is in the process of being salvaged as a hobby;
  • Trees or shrubs that interfere with street signage, roadways, sidewalks, fire hydrants, or public utilities are to be pruned.

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2. Community Standards Bylaw - Key Points
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