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1. How can I locate a family member interred in the cemetery?
2. How do I go about purchasing a plot or columbarium niche?
3. What can I place at a gravesite?
4. Can I plant a tree or flowers at a gravesite?
5. When will the plots have grass on them?
6. Why isn't the ground level in the cemetery?
7. What kind of monument can we have placed at a gravesite?
8. Can I pour my own foundation for the monument, or create my own monument?
9. Does the City of Lacombe allow ‘environmentally friendly green’ burials?
10. Why do I have to pay ongoing care fees for a columbarium niche?
11. My family members are all planning on cremations. How many urns can be placed in one plot?
12. One of my family members died many years ago, and we would like to have him/her moved over to be with the rest of our family plots. Is this possible?
13. Can we place a bench at a grave site?