Utility Accounts in Owners Name


The City of Lacombe has a new, updated Utility Bylaw. 

A complete summary of the changes to the Utility Bylaw can be found in the November 28, 2022 Regular Meeting of Council agenda.

Important: As of April 1, 2023, all new City utility accounts shall be in the name of the owner.

Key points to consider for owners: 

  • The utility account must be in the property owner’s name, as of April 1,2023.    
  • Existing tenants will be grandfathered if their account remains in good standing.  
  • Online billing allows multiple email addresses to receive monthly statements. To sign up for paperless billing, go to https://onlineservices.lacombe.ca/LinkRegister.aspx   
  • If requested, the City of Lacombe will mail a copy of the utility bill to the service address under the owner’s name. Fill out the waiver form or email utilities@lacombe.ca for more information  
  • Any account issues are the responsibility of the property owner. 

Need Help? 

All new utility accounts must be in the owner's name by April 1, 2023. The City of Lacombe is here to help owners and tenants through this process. If you need assistance, please: 

  • Log on to Lacombe.ca/UtilityBylaw, where you can access the tenant waiver(link), a complete account of changes to Utility bylaw 450, and instructions on how to switch to paperless billing 
  • Call (403) 782-6666 to learn more  
  • Email utilities@lacombe.ca for more information 

Please help the City of Lacombe save paper by switching to paperless billing. 

Thank you for your understanding and your help throughout this process.