What's Next?

The City of Lacombe recently completed a series of targeted focus groups discussing the future of the R4 zoning district in Lacombe.

The focus groups, comprised of residents, Municipal Planning Committee members, developers, builders, realtors, and other interested parties, examined the results of surveys submitted throughout late summer, and early autumn 2021.

This feedback from the focus groups and the survey will inform the R4 District review process and generate a technical report to Council in 2022. 

Some of the key themes from the engagement process include privacy, heritage protection, green space, parking, the placement of R4 buildings in existing communities, maintenance, density, traffic, and several more key themes, which will be available at Lacombe.ca/R4.

Lacombe City Council will review the findings of the R4 District review during the year and deliberate on any recommendations discovered throughout the engagement process.

About the R4 District Review

The Residential Mixed District (R4) is one of nine residential districts in Lacombe and allows for an extensive range of residential uses from single detached dwellings to multi-unit apartments.

Over time, the variety of permitted and discretionary uses and the range of built forms in the R4 District have created uncertainty for neighbours and developers, affecting potential redevelopment investment. City Council directed administration to review the Residential Mixed District using a public consultation process.

Survey Results