Scott Dallas

Scott Dallas

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Scott Dallas

Why are you running for Lacombe City Council?

There are many reasons why I want to run and each day I may have a new one to add. I want to help our city grow into a successful and vibrant community. I want a city that all its citizens are proud to call home and I think I have the ability to help make that a reality. I value being a public servant and find it to be very rewarding to help those in our community. When people talk about our council, I don't want to hear "I think they did ok" or "I don't know much about them". It should be our expectations of elected officials to be exceptional. I want to work hard and make sure the people who voted us in know we did right by them. This is the level of government that I feel has the most direct and often the quickest impact on our citizens. I want to be a part of that in a positive way.

What do you hope to achieve in office if elected?

My vision for Lacombe is a city that is warm and welcoming to citizens and organizations. Growing our commercial business base, as well as supporting our current base is also critical to financially manage the budget. The city needs commercial business to provide meaningful employment to citizens, as well as reduce the tax burden on homeowners(which every person I have spoken to has brought up). We do not want a situation where business is leaving the City to move to the County like we have seen in other municipalities. Reducing the property tax likely isn't viable, but we can certainly do better at making tax payers see their money at work. We need to continue to provide and support facilities that our community uses through upgrading and future planning. Lacombe also needs some type of viable recycling program put back into place. Whether that involves household pickup again or an improved drop-off site, there are options to look at. The current system is a mess and an eyesore, as well as promotes excess waste in the landfill.

Why should Lacombe residents vote for you?

I would always like to know what issues are important to them and how they feel we can improve our city. Without that information though, I would say that I am here to put our community first. I am not driving a personal agenda for personal gain. It is my intention to continue moving our city into the future with accepting and diverse policies that promote growth and sustainability. 

My current position as a municipal employee in another municipality lends me well to the inner workings and decision making regarding municipal organizations. Being aware of how the public service system works and having first hand experience will allow me to ask the right questions, investigate best solutions, and help make better decisions leading to a successful city.

Anything else you wish to add?

I love that on a municipal level we can put aside political affiliation and vote for the person who we believe will do the best job representing ourselves and our city. We are fortunate to have previous Councillors running again as well as new people stepping up to give our community options to choose from. City council must evolve in members and its mindsets to keep up with the always changing world around us and it is my hope that those selected will be able to do that.

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