W. Sandy Douglas (Pepper)

Sandy Douglas

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William Alexander Douglas (W. A. Sandy Douglas (Pepper)) 

I was born here in LACOMBE at the HOSPITAL of that era which stood, roughly, about where now exists the parking, besides, kind of north of the current/present HOSPITAL.

Incidentally, MY grandfather had been, probably in the 1930's or 1940's, the CHAIRMAN of the LACOMBE & DISTRICT HOSPITAL BOARD.

He, J. MARSHALL DOUGLAS had been, more than once, REEVE of MUNICIPALITY/COUNTY in those same decades of LACOMBE COUNTY. HE was, also, CHAIRMAN of all the REEVES of all the COUNTIES in ALBERTA of THE ALBERTA MUNICIPALITIES & COUNTIES ASSOCIATION, at the time of the DISCOVERY WELL of IMPERIAL OIL LEDUC NUMBER ONE in FEBRUARY of 1947 and he is seen in a photo of that marked event, when a photo was taken the day after LEDUC NUMBER ONE “blew in", with the then PREMIER of ALBERTA, PRESIDENT of IMPERIAL OIL, TOOLPUSH of the DRILLING RIG, DRILLER, CREW, and other dignitaries.

I understand the impact for all ALBERTA of that beginning of the "oil patch", notwithstanding the previous oil discovery at & near TURNER VALLEY, ALBERTA.

Why are you running for Lacombe City Council? 

I am passionate about this beautiful little CITY of LACOMBE, ALBERTA, CANADA. LACOMBE was often called: THE CROSSROADS of the PARKLAND

This is the best community [CITY] in the best province [ALBERTA] in the best country [CANADA] in the WORLD; hence, LACOMBE is the best place, anywhere in the entire world!

I am fourth generation LACOMBE area person; MY GREAT GRANDFATHER, JAMES J. DOUGLAS had homestead 4 miles [6 km.] north of where now stands LACOMBE CITY OFFICE.

MY GRANDFATHER, J. MARSHALL DOUGLAS, operated a HORSE RANCH there, then MY FATHER, W. S. BILL DOUGLAS, and his siblings continued there in good farming practices and cattle herds, as does a brother of mine now.

I am experienced from different businesses that I have had in LACOMBE; I am very experienced with all or most sports & recreation in LACOMBE. THE HORSE RANCH from the 1890's here near LACOMBE, and AGRICULTURE and OILFIELD EXPERIENCE have influenced ME to have become a typical CENTRAL ALBERTA guy from here in this most strategic location in ALBERTA and best location in ALBERTA and WESTERN CANADA.

LACOMBE, right now, needs to REMOVE all the MAINTENANCE MATERIAL and GRAVEL PILES and all items from the PUBLIC WORKS YARD ... to make way & make room there for more appropriate RECREATIONAL use of that area in the PUBLIC WORKS YARD ... and MOST IMPORTANTLY ... PARKING in that space of the PUBLIC WORKS which has served its purpose well, until now.  NO COST! This CITY of LACOMBE owns that property, so it needs be used to its maximum potential for the benefit of all LACOMBE by being utilized for, at least, it's

PARKING potential instead of junk laying among thistles and weeds! There is room there for more additional recreational things as well as important, crucial PARKING instead of messy items and junk among thistles and weeds there now in that PUBLIC WORKS YARD. There is a place for that stuff in the INDUSTRIAL AREA of LACOMBE where the CITY of LACOMBE has property. THE BUILDINGS in the PUBLIC WORKS YARD should remain there. I am not suggesting that NEW SHOP for CITY be built, ... simply, move the outside stuff out of the PUBLIC WORKS YARD to provide more space for PARKING! There are millions into the fine FOOTBALL FACILITY, there is more open space near and adjacent to the CITY OFFICE, PUBLIC WORKS, FORMER PARKLAND LIBRARY BUILDING, near to expensive ICE CENTRE/CURLING/SWIMMING, therefore that all needs be PARKING for those several excellent sport recreation facilities.

There are several issues that I recognize to be important in LACOMBE, perhaps even more important than this, but PARKING at the PUBLIC WORKS area and the open grassy field next to CITY OFFICE, cannot be ignored and must not be ignored.

I want to SERVE LACOMBE to help make this excellent CITY to be EVEN BETTER!

What do you hope to achieve in office, if elected?

I hope to keep [help with logical ideas & suggestions] ... to keep costs down, thus taxes stable for residents. Example, to achieve to bring that area of PUBLIC WORKS current YARD, to be better and more suitable for people to be able to use for appropriate  PARKING there in that entire vicinity between the expensive, beautiful FOOTBALL and going east past the north side of CITY OFFICE to create ample PARKING to be suitable for many events and perhaps even overflow for additional FARMER MARKET there, east of CITY OFFICE and near CURLING RINK.LACOMBE has several fabulous facilities within the same region in LACOMBE between LACOMBE COMPOSITE HIGH SCHOOL and HOCKEY/RINGETTE/CURLING ICE & SWIMMING POOL so everything in between needs be suited to complement those facilities with PARKING for all that and even PARKING for STUDENTS or VISITORS to the COMPOSITE HIGH SCHOOL to get them away for in front of people's homes on 55 AVENUES. The many years of heavy equipment there at PUBLIC WORKS YARD provide good compaction there instead of junk laying among weeds & thistles. PARKING could be, actually adjacent or near to facilities and available logically to suit everyone. AT NO COST because the CITY of LACOMBE owns the property and has property owned for that MAINTENANCE STUFF in the INDUSTRIAL AREA.BUILDINGS should remain so, NO COST to build new SHOP. Furthermore, some QUID PRO QUO could happen, for everyone’s benefit at property very nearby.


AND, I want to try to achieve some innovative ideas that could be of good benefit for this perfectly located little CITY in ALBERTA/WESTERN CANADA that I will explain, in person, that I believe are worth looking at.

Why should Lacombe residents vote for you?

LACOMBE residents should VOTE for ME because I am sincere.

I am sincerely working to keep LACOMBE being great, as it is; I am sincerely offering MY effort to help make LACOMBE, this excellent, beautiful, quaint even little CITY to be even better. I am totally devoted to doing that and I have been for all of MY life, the same that MY GRANDFATHER, FATHER, and other of MY relatives have done for LACOMBE during the cool history of LACOMBE.

Anything else you wish to add?

I think that, because of MY phenomenal memory to recall most things from the HISTORY of LACOMBE that I offer a good choice for the residents, citizens, businesses of LACOMBE for every activity, event, transaction, decision process, which goes on here.


And MY EXPERIENCE that allows ME to fully understand that our CENTRAL GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION is ideal, with also MY knowledge of how important and crucial it had been in early days of LACOMBE that THE LACOMBE HORSE SALE was the largest horse sale in the world, so LACOMBE was central to market horses to build the nation before automation, and with hard work and EXPERIENCE in ALBERTA/ARCTIC OILFIELDS as an OILFIELD DRILLING FLUIDS DOWNHOLE TECHNICIAN, as well as MY EXPERIENCE in AGRICULTURE among cereal grain, forage seed, & livestock, AND with MY EXPERIENCE about SPORTS in LACOMBE, ...With MY EXPERIENCE in LIFE   ... that I bring a rare and unique perspective to how things have been in LACOMBE, of how things are in LACOMBE, and of how things can be even better in LACOMBE, this wonderful place, this beautiful community.

I am EXPERIENCED in all these things. I love LACOMBE. I am EXPERIENCED regarding all things LACOMBE.

I can and will serve LACOMBE well. I choose to do what is right for all of LACOMBE.

I WILL do the best that any individual can do to be a valued part of the whole CITY COUNCIL, to do that I will utilize the five-part CREED of LACOMBE: COLLABORATION, FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY, INTEGRITY, INNOVATION, and RESPECT.


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