Community-led Initiative

What is the process for the R4 Review?

The R4 District Review is a crowd-sourced project designed to gather necessary information for Lacombe City Council to make informed decisions on the future of this type of residential zoning. Any recommendations presented to Council for consideration will include the information gathered through the outlined process below.

  1. The process is three parts starting now and running into 2022:
  2. The survey is the first step, 
      • Rather than responding to a pre-existing recommendation – the survey is designed to be quite open to collect ideas and thoughts about the current R4 Land Use Bylaw district. 
      • The survey is a way to hear what landowners, the public, and investors in the community think before we move to the next step 
  3. The next step, step two, is to conduct some focus groups. 
      • Focus groups are a more in-depth conversation with some people who may want to share additional ideas or thoughts with The City or with individuals who have some expertise or experience that we would like to hear more about relating to R4 zoning and development. 
      • These focus groups will take place in the fall 
  4. The third step, after the survey and focus groups, is to conduct planning background research analyzing the current R4 district 
      • City staff will combine the public survey and focus group input to include in a recommendation report that City Council will consider in 2022.