2024 Featured Artist – Marlene Kallstrom-Barritt

Featured Artisit Marlene Kallstrom“I have always been interested in patterns and details such as the fine lines in a flower petal, the serrated edges of a tree leaf, the colors in a piece of granite, or how the frost makes lovely patterns on window glass. Also, I think it's my need to have some slower times in these days of hurry-up to appreciate the details within a bigger picture.

In "Ascending", the combination of a loosely painted subject anchored by more controlled drawing results in a new art process which I call Abstract Realism. It is a big change for me after years of creating realistic landscape and portraits with oil.

Marlene Kallstrom Art 1

I include little "bubbles of gratitude" in every art piece. The bubbles rise upward; hence, the name "Ascending". I am intrigued by the times when the mountains and hills burst into song and the trees of the fields clap their hands. It's as though elements in the landscape will be thankful even though we may not be. 

So then, I choose to be thankful and do my best to focus on whatever is lovely and admirable, noble and right. It is my hope that my artwork will add a little joy or even peace to someone's day."  

Marlene Kallstrom Art 2