Facility Rental Financial Assistance Grant

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The Facility Rental Financial Assistance grant aims to provide a small source of funds to assist in situations where the costs of the City's facilities are a financial burden to a group or organization. The grant is not intended for continued support.

When determining who is eligible to receive the grant, the City will look for: 

  • Local organizations where the majority of the members reside in Lacombe
  • Youth oriented events
  • Demonstration that facility fees are creating a burden to the group or organization
  • Events where proceeds raised from the event stay in the community
  • Events where organizers are prevented by association rules from charging a registration or tournament fee to help offset the cost
  • Organizations with a limited ability to raise funds by other means

Depending on the scope and availability of funds at the time of application, all or a portion of the request may be considered. 

Organizations are encouraged to submit suggestions for projects that they would be willing to undertake to assist the City’s operations in exchange for the facility rental fees.