Snow & ice control

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For information on current snow clearing and ice control, refer to the snow removal map and the current Snow Clearing and Ice Control Policy.

Changes to the Snow Clearing and Ice Control Policy

Section 6.2 of the City’s snow removal policy was amended in December 2013 to include the following service level change:

  • “All driveways blocked as a result of snow clearing operations shall be cleared within two (2) hours of blockage.  At a residence where there is only a private walkway present, the private walkway shall be cleared within two (2) hours of blockage.  At a residence where there is both a driveway and a private walkway present, only the driveway shall be cleared within two (2) hours of blockage.”

The City’s snow dump site has been temporarily relocated to one of the City owned lots in Len Thompson Phase 2 Industrial Park.  Due to concerns on the limited snow storage capacity at this location, the City is encouraging residents to make use of available snow storage on their properties.  Businesses and/or commercial properties are encouraged to make use of available snow storage on-site within their lot boundaries.  However, the City recognizes that commercial properties may have limited snow storage capabilities on-site, and thus require contractors to periodically haul the snow off-site.  The City will allow contractors to temporarily use its snow dump site for material that cannot be stored on-site from commercial properties within the City of Lacombe.  Contractors please contact the City of Lacombe Operations office at 403-782-1261 for further information.

On sections of residential roadways where sidewalks exist on both sides, the south and west sidewalks will be covered during City snow clearing operations as a means to facilitate on-site snow storage. It is an expectation that occupants at these locations continue to keep their sidewalks clear of snow and ice throughout the 2017/18 winter season until at such point the sidewalks become covered with windrows of snow/ice material from City snow clearing operations. Once this has occurred, the occupants will not be required to remove the windrow of snow/ice material from their sidewalks for the remainder of the snow clearing season. This will affect approximately 122 residences, and letters will be delivered to make occupants aware of this snow clearing practice. The majority of residences affected by this snow clearing practice include The Meadows, Lincoln Park, Regency Park, 48 Ave (from C&E Trail to 58 St), Mackenzie Ranch, and Shepard Heights.