Join the Lacombe Police Service

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Becoming a police officer

We expect a great deal from the people we select to serve the citizens of Lacombe as police officers. Are you of good moral character? Do you have a demonstrated history of community service? Is creative thinking and problem solving important to you? If you are up to the challenge, consider applying to become a police officer.

Minimum Standards to join the Lacombe Police Service

  • Possess exemplary moral character
  • Possess a high degree of personal integrity
  • Be intelligent and display sound judgement, maturity and common sense.
Other requirements for applicants: 
  • Be at least 19 years of age
  • Have Canadian Citizenship or legal permanent status prior to employment
  • Be in excellent health with no medical conditions that would restrict your ability to safely complete recruit training and perform all aspects of police work
  • Possess a fully licensed Class 5 driver's license (NOT a GDL) with no more than five demerit points. Out of province applicants should be sure that they possess the equivalent of this unrestricted drivers permit prior to submitting their application
  • Meet visual acuity, hearing and physical fitness standards
  • No criminal convictions for which a pardon has not been granted
  • No criminal charges pending before the courts or criminal activity within at least three years preceding application including any detected or undetected crime and/or involvement at any level, including illegal drugs
  • Strong credit rating
Preferred attributes
  • Minimum of two years post secondary education and/or consistent employment history
  • Volunteer experience in the community
  • Work experience involving a position of responsibility and trust
  • Duties that involve significant interaction with the public
  • Applied knowledge of computers including, but not limited to, MS Windows, Word, Outlook and basic typing skills
General competencies required by the Patrol Constable
Listed below are the 10 general competencies identified in the job analysis of the patrol constable position in Alberta. Note that this list does not include competencies that would normally only be acquired after being hired, but rather those competencies that the applicant must bring to the job.

1. Adaptability / decisiveness
Ability and confidence to vary between being flexible and holding firm on a decision, depending on what the situation requires; showing leadership by adjusting one’s approach to the demands of a particular task or by taking and maintaining a position in a self-assured manner.

2. Conscientiousness

Degree to which someone is: honest; has integrity; accepts responsibility for their actions; has high ethical standards; earns the trust of others by consistently demonstrating sound moral principles; does the right thing; and reliably fulfills commitments through self-discipline and a sense of duty.

3. Initiative / perseverance
Willingness to take action to address needs without being requested to do so; staying on task to completion, particularly in the face of obstacles or other trying circumstances.

4. Interpersonal skills

Ability to work effectively with different people and teams of people, by: putting others at ease; acknowledging diverse opinions; addressing relevant concerns; minimizing conflict; promoting harmony; cooperating with others; and working toward consensual solutions to achieve group objectives.

5. Judgment / problem solving
Ability to assess situations and problems; identify possible actions/solutions; and make sound decisions based on facts, logic and probable outcomes.

6. Learning / memory / recall

Ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills on the job; to observe, remember and recall significant information and events, such as people, vehicles, facts, suspicious behaviour and environmental details.

7. Organization skills
Ability to identify and set priorities; to plan and effectively allocate resources; to attend to details so that relevant issues are addressed and high quality outcomes result.

8. Stress management
Ability to work well under pressure; maintaining effectiveness and self-control in the midst of any one or combination of stressors, including emotional strain, ambiguity, risk to self, and fatigue.

9. Valuing service & diversity
Sensitivity to client and community needs and perceptions by providing prompt, efficient and equitable service; involving clients and community in the resolution of problems that affect them.

10. Verbal & written communication skills

Ability to communicate in both oral and written form, including giving (speaking and writing) and receiving (listening and reading) information, in a way that ensures messages are understood.

Are you ready to join?

Before deciding to pursue a policing career you must make yourself aware of the roles and responsibilities of a police officer. You must also make yourself aware of the personal qualities, attributes and strengths necessary to adequately perform the job. Look within yourself and determine whether you measure favourably against the standards.

This questionnaire below is provided for you to undertake your own assessment of your suitability for a career in policing. You know your strengths, skills and abilities better than anyone else. Answer yes or no to each statement: 

  • I meet the minimum requirements as described in the information package
  • My lifestyle is one that exhibits high moral character
  • I am able to work with all kinds of people in a variety of situations
  • I have self-confidence to be assertive when the situation demands it
  • In the face of uncertainty, I can make necessary decisions
  • I am the type of person who seeks out a challenge
  • I am physically fit, emotionally stable and responsible
  • I am prepared to work in all types of weather conditions
  • I have considered the impact that shift work will have on my home life
  • I am just as comfortable working alone as in a team environment
  • I demonstrate leadership qualities
  • I am willing to work shifts, including evenings, nights and weekends at any time of the year
  • I have no medical conditions that will limit my ability to do police work
  • I am able to use my own initiative and work with a minimum amount of supervision
  • My experience reflects an ongoing interest in serving my community
  • My moral, philosophical or religious beliefs would not prevent me from using deadly force if required

If you think you meet the requirements outlined above, complete the forms below and forward them to the address indicated on the forms.