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Your Community Peace Officers are responsible for the enforcement of the following City bylaws:

Missing pets

To report a lost or found dog or cat, contact  Enforcement Services at (403) 782-1269 extension 3 during regular business hours. For after hours service, on weekends, or statutory holidays please call Animal Control Services (Klassic Kennels) at (403) 506-9380.

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  • Can I park my trailer or fifth-wheel on the street?

  • Can I put up garage sale signs?

  • Can I run a cord across the sidewalk to plug in my car or trailer?

  • Can I set a trap if I have stray cats coming into my yard?

  • Can I shovel the snow and debris from my sidewalk or driveway onto the street?

  • How and where do I licence my pet?

  • What are my responsibilities as a pet owner?

  • What do I do if I have lost my pet or have found a dog or cat?

  • When riding my bicycle on the trails or sidewalks what are my responsibilities?

  • Who is responsible for keeping my sidewalk clear?