Land Use Bylaw Review

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The City of Lacombe reviewed its Land Use Bylaw and we want to thank you for your input!  This page represents an archive of the process and will not be updated.


What happened:
The City partnered with Parkland Community Planning Services (PCPS) to review and update the Land Use Bylaw. The City had not done an overarching review of the Land Use Bylaw for over a decade, and a number of regulations warranted a review. Further, the City has recently adopted a number of high level plans, which impact the Land Use Bylaw. The Review ensured that the Land Use Bylaw aligns with these high level plans.

The City adopted Land Use Bylaw 400 on October 24, 2016 with implementation set for January 1, 2017.

Summary of consultation exercises

A number of consultation exercises were undertaken. Weekly questions in autumn 2015 found at City Hall, Barnett Arena/Kinsman Aquatic Centre and the Lacombe Memorial Centre focused on some different topic areas.  Copies of the pamphlets found at these locations are found below, in the Publication/Summaries section.  Summaries of the consultation responses received so far can be found here:

Place of Worship Consultation
As part of the Update, the City has contacted all Places of Worship to advise them of proposed changes to land use districts.  The City has also asked that they fill out a survey identifying the different uses that the Place of Worship hosts within their building.

Place of Worship Consultation information can be found online


Weekly question/pamphlets