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Lacombe to manage new regional wastewater system

North Red Deer Regional Wastewater resize
Lacombe, Alberta (January 30, 2018) –
The City of Lacombe is pleased to announce that it has been selected as the successful proponent to the North Red Deer Wastewater Services Commission’s Request for Proposal for management and operations services.

“Council was pleased with our team’s efforts in assembling the proposal, and the tremendous job done by City administration and our operations staff throughout the interview process,” said Mayor Grant Creasey. “I believe that it is advantageous for us to manage the regional wastewater transmission system, given our staff’s experience managing both the North Red Deer Regional Water Services Commission and the North Red Deer Regional Wastewater Services Commission. We have a good understanding of the resource requirements and coordination efforts to effectively manage this new infrastructure, and provide seamless operations to central Alberta residents.” 

“The City is pleased to have been selected by the Commission, from a number of other qualified applicants, including both private and public entities,” said Acting Chief Administrative Officer Matthew Goudy. “This reflects the professionalism and hard work of staff here at the City.”

The City will provide management services for the North Red Deer Regional Wastewater Services Commission on a flat fee basis at the following monthly rates:

2018                     2019                     2020

$29,395               $29,982               $30,582

The rate includes the full scope of services listed in the Request for Proposal, and mirror the services that the City currently provides for the North Red Deer Regional Water Services Commission. This includes, but is not limited to:

- Commission administration

- Administration of insurance and risk management

- Contract management

- Office and information systems support

- Budgeting and financial supervision

- Multi-year capital planning

- Bookkeeping

- Annual financial statements and financial information return

- Administration of annual audit

- Communication with Commission members and the City of Red Deer

- Wastewater rate calculations

- Coordination of system start-up and creation of operating policies and procedures

- Ongoing operation of the system

- Regulatory administration

- Wastewater testing

- Management of line crossings

- Transmission line operations

- Local lift station daily services

- Coordination of maintenance and repair

- Emergency response to operational issues.

The City of Lacombe is an experienced administrator and operator of municipal utilities in both urban and regional settings. For over 10 years, the City has been the administrator and operator of the North Red Deer Regional Water Services Commission - the regional “sister system” to the Commission’s wastewater system. Selecting the City of Lacombe as the Commission’s Manager means the water and wastewater commissions now have a common administrator and operator.

The North Red Deer Regional Wastewater Services Commission is currently completing the construction of a wastewater transmission system to transport sewage from the fast-growing member communities of Lacombe, Blackfalds and Lacombe County to a state of the art regional treatment plant in Red Deer. The project consists of a 29km 700mm diameter HDPE pipeline, two major lift stations, including utilization of the existing infrastructure for emergency storage and one odour management facility. Construction completion and commissioning of the system is anticipated in March 2018.